Welcome Home! is a coalition of Nashvillians advocating for a comprehensive, inclusive, and adequately funded plan to address the urgent need for affordable housing in our city. 

This is our call to ensure a home for everyone.

We must act now with a comprehensive plan for affordable housing: To help keep current residents in their homes and welcome in their neighborhoods, and to support the development of attainable housing opportunities in our rapidly growing city.



1. the affordable housing deficit
According to the Mayor’s Office, we have a deficit of over 18,000 affordable housing units today. This deficit is expected to grow to 31,000 by 2025 if we do not take action now.
2. Hot Housing Market = Displacement of Our Communities
Right now, the real estate industry has no reason to build affordable housing. The growing market for high end housing is forcing everyday middle and working class people out of the city.
3. the opportunity
The good news is, there are many qualified affordable developers that are itching to build housing. But currently, there are very few financing tools to allow them to compete in the market.

The welcome home campaign platform

1. Dedicated Funding
Dedicated funding would allow Metro to open up a “revolving loan fund” to provide a total of $100-120 million per year for affordable housing over the next 8 years.
2. Community Land Trust
A Community Land Trust would be a city-led non-profit designed to purchase land and existing housing stock for the sole purpose of creating permanently affordable housing.
3. Municipal Land Bank
A Municipal Land Bank would consolidate underused public land and make sure it is being put to best use for the community.
4. Housing Scorecard
With all these great tools in place, we still need make sure we can track progress. The “quarterly housing scorecard” would be a publicly accessible report showing how many units of affordable housing have been built, preserved and lost.


A VOICE for the Reduction of Poverty 
Affordable Housing Resources
American Baptist College
Be A Helping Hand 
Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc.
Community Resource Center
Creatives Day 
Davidson County Young Democrats 
Democracy Nashville
Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership
Edgehill United Methodist Church
Faith Matters Network 
Faith and Culture Center
Fifteenth Avenue Baptist CDC 
Habitat for Humanity Vanderbilt University Campus Chapter 
Harriet Tubman House 
Homes 4 All 
Islamic Center of Nashville 
Justice For Our Neighbors 
McKendree United Methodist Church 
Metro Human Relations Commission 
Metro Nashville Community Budgeting
N.O.A.H. Affordable Housing Task Force 
Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Nashville Homeless Organizing Coalition 
Nashville Jewish Social Justice Round Table 
Nashville Peace & Justice Center 
New Level Community Development Corp. 
Omega Properties, LLC
Open Table Nashville 
Our Place Nashville 
Pangea Nashville
Pedcor Investments
S.E.I.U. Local 205 
Shower The People
SmartSpace, LLC 
Social Enterprise Alliance, Nashville Chapter
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Stand Up Nashville 
Tennessee Alliance for Progress 
Tennessee Citizen Action 
Tennessee Equality Project 
Tennessee Human Rights Commission
Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce 
The Equity Alliance 
The Infinity Fellowship
The Nashville Food Project 
United Way of Nashville
Urban League of Middle Tennessee
Vanderbilt University Divinity School
Workers’ Dignity
YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee


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